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Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh! Budak belajar Speaking


Hello! ok, my blog is getting to "Bersawang-sawang" hihihi...
Tulah long time no see kan?! haish..
Actually, Its not my fault to keep silent or what..
I'm just??? you know what? kekeke

Allrite guys, nothing for today..
FYI, My life everything is going great n okeyy!! don't worry yup..*If you lah
Nothings for today..

Working is the way simply life not Simply Siti or whatever ok!!
Working n working.. If I just working like this for sure my husband getting angry *like angry bird face lol
You know what, If working just like crazy my working hour is around 9-10 hour per days..
Sometimes it will be 11,12 hours. It's totally cool rite.. haha

Ok stop talking about works.. It's just make my self BORING.. lol

Last other weeks I just had a great time with my cousin all girls.. It's really Enjoyable ;)
Whatever is, I love you guys!

i want this, Pls anyone make it for me.. lol

take care!

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