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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Engagement day

Nothing to share with you guys.. 
*I know you are reading this!

hehe.. ehem2.. The title is ENGAGEMENT ??
Am I? hehe not me lah my dear..
hehe.. lol

My cousin was engaged! yes yes.. 
so Im wearing this simple Kebaya NyoNya uols! ;p

Bunkface! hehe time to go now!
Shopping ops!

 Me with my beautiful cousin.. actually we are not close.. 
Shame with other lol funny right..? :) That's true.. 
But now, we are close so close! teehee!!

 All the girls.. my cousin and my sister.. 
they are pretty :) hug hug! :*
 Hantaran.. nice one.. :) 
looks really yummy.. ;p
the sign like McD right? lol

Click click! hehehe love this moments 
Which one his fiance? hihi

-The End-

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